Shipping and Availability

Shipping and Availability

We can ship directly to you, your installation shop (we'll coordinate this for you!), or offer pick-up at our Houston location and can install for you in just a few hours.

We are pleased to offer shipping across the 48 lower states as part of our standard service. For customers outside these areas, we provide customized quotes for shipping to non-standard delivery locations within the USA. International shipping is also available, and we are happy to provide a quote based on the delivery address provided by the customer. Please note that while we include the cost of shipping in our quotes, we do not include any local taxes or fees that may be applicable in the destination country, as we are not licensed to collect such taxes and fees.

Currently, we operate as a direct-to-consumer business, which allows us to maintain close contact with our customers and provide personalized service. However, we are actively exploring options for establishing a dealer network to make our products even more accessible. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to expand our reach and service capabilities.


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