What About Installation Of My Powered Running Boards?

What About Installation Of My Powered Running Boards?

Now that you have selected the #1 Best Selling Automatic Running boards for your SUV, getting them installed is the next step.

Based on your zip code where the boards will be shipped to, our install dept team will get you connected with an installer from our Preferred Installer Network.  These installers have high degree of knowledge and experience with the kind of skill sets required to install our running boards.  Our running boards are different in that they are electronically controlled and so the installers needs to be technically competent and know their way around the 12V system of the vehicle since the system connects up to the CAN BUS.

Our team of experts will connect you to installers for your area and typically will SMS text message you with installers information.  Once your purchase is complete, send us a txt message with your Order# making a request to be connected to a local installer for your zip code.

You may then reach out to the installers directly to schedule a convenient appointment that works for you.  

Please note that these are independent businesses and we do not get involved commercially with the installation service and so the appointment and the payment for the install service must be made by you directly to the shop itself.

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