GENESIS GV70 : 2021~2023

Automatic running boards are a popular aftermarket accessory for many vehicles, including the Genesis GV70. These running boards can be a great addition to your vehicle, as they provide easier access to the vehicle's interior, especially for shorter or older passengers. There are several companies that make automatic running boards for the Genesis GV70, including AMP Research and Bestop. These running boards are typically made from high-quality materials like aircraft-grade aluminum and feature a non-slip surface for added safety.


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GENESIS GV80 : 2021~2022

Powered Running Boards with Integrated glow lighting

What's included

set of 2 running boards, motors, wire harness, bolts and nuts, steel brackets

Product weight
28Kg / 61.729Lbs (Packaged in 2 separate boxes)

DC 12V (Cars Battery Power)

Install time
 typically 2-4 Hours by a professional technician
Installation Manual

Will be emailed once order is placed

  • Why these Running Boards?

    • Patented design with running board integrated single strip glow effect LED lighting for unmatchable visibility
    • Unique integrated design is stylish whilst ensuring safety, security and convenience
    • Step automatically drops 4” upon operation via door opening
    • Ridged surface anti-slip design ensures sturdy grip when stepping on the boards
    • Plug n Play type of design for easier install (we always recommend steps are professionally installed)
    • Thermoset Powder Coated Aluminum for a surface that ensures grip and durability
    • Extruded 6063 Aluminum construction for toughness whilst still being lightweight and corrosion resistant
    • Heavy duty toughened steel brackets system – Zinc galvanized for all weather protection
    • Bolts and Nuts are mostly Stainless Steel or Zinc Galvanized Steel
    • Integrated safety sensor module automatically detects obstructions during operation thereby eliminating pinch hazards
    • Quiet, powerful and long lasting IP67 rated motor for quick deployment and retraction
    • Temperature tolerance of motor for operation in challenging conditions of -22°F to 176°F
    • Load bearing capacity rated at just over 550lbs per board
    • Run time tested for over 7000 hours
    • Robust engineering for operation in various conditions be it dust and dirt or snow and slush
    • Comfortable step width of 6.25” for easy foot placement
    • Board length optimally manufactured depending on each Vehicle and model
    • Warranty from all manufacturing defects for a full year from date of purchase


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